Develop Your Team Through Coaching

by | Sep 13, 2020 | Team Building, Training

5-Minute Moments – You are the best coach for your team

Dr. Steve Vargo shared this great management technique during a recent webinar. Many practitioners may think there is no time for training, but Dr. Vargo shared this tried-and-true method for enhancing staff knowledge, comprehension, and competency using what he calls a “5-minute moment.” In just a few minutes, you can help your team respond better to patients, improve their own professional knowledge, and become more invested in your practice success.

Training never really ends, does it? Use this 5-minute coaching mindset to help your team get engaged with the concept of “continuous improvement” in their jobs. It’s a great way to help them develop professionally, and take better care of your patients.

By Steve Vargo, OD

Exploring best practices in building and sustaining practice growth.


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