Live Webinar Series

Building an authentic practice

Learn how to build an eye care business that aligns with your professional goals and also creates the wealth and freedom you need to support your personal life.

About The Webinar

This series of webinars will help attendees address pressing challenges facing practitioners today. We’ll focus on stepping back from the chaos and working out a plan to build the practice that meets your personal, professional, and financial goals. Then we’ll look into common issues that, if handled correctly, can help you drive your business towards success.

You’ll Learn

  • Identify how to set up our practices for personal and professional financial success.
  • Streamline the day-to-day operations in our practices by building effective processes.
  • Best practices in attracting staff in a competitive and challenging market.
  • What is office culture, and how does it affect employee happiness, growth and retention.
  • Identify metrics to track in our practice to monitor for success.

Meet the Host

Jennifer Stewart, OD

Dr. Stewart is passionate about sports safety, enhancing performance, and helping business owners achieve their goals. An avid Disney fan, she lives her life by the quote “if you can dream it, you can do it.” She is inspired to help others with their dreams.

Starts October 4th, 7:30PM EST

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Featured Speakers

Session 1

Get Personal With Business Planning

Your professional planning should be done with an understanding of where your personal needs fit in. Take a “big picture” look at your personal and professional life and find out how to set up a practice that supports both.

Tuesday October 4, 2022 – 7:30pm EST

Adam Cmejla

Guest speaker

Session 2

The Key to Turning Plans into Reality

The most well-crafted goals are meaningless without effective execution. Learn how to create and stage workflows that help your practice’s day-to-day operations support your professional (and personal!) objectives.

Tuesday October 11, 2022 – 7:30pm EST

Nathan Hayes

Guest speaker

Session 3

Avoiding Staffing Derailments with Proper Hiring

Staffing issues can be hard – and serious. Learn these critical “Best Practice” strategies to help you find, attract, and hire employees that will contribute to the success of your business.

Tuesday October 18, 2022 – 7:30pm EST

Amy Alvarez

Guest speaker

Session 4

Dream Team Foundations

Employee retention is a tremendous challenge in the current climate. Find out how to build a business culture that helps you retain, maintain, and develop a top-notch team for your eye care business.

Tuesday October 25, 2022 – 7:30pm EST

David Friedfeld

Guest speaker

Session 5

Measure, Evolve, Progress, Succeed

How do you know if your initiatives to build your business are working? We’ll cover strategies to monitor the effectiveness of your decisions and how to make smart adjustments to stay on track.

Tuesday November 1, 2022 – 7:30pm EST

Jay Binkowitz

Guest speaker