Content is King: Creating Easy, Effective Content That Connects You to Your Marketing Audience

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Administration, Marketing

In this short video, Stephen Tripi, head of marketing for Clearvision Optical, efficiently delivers a primer on how to succeed in digital marketing today. He explains why local content is so valuable to digital platforms and provides those of us who are not marketing gurus a recipe for creating a popular, engaging digital presence that builds our unique brand.

What’s in the video:

Local: Local searches are popular and more important than ever as time spent online is increasing. The patient’s first impression of your practice is often formed online.

Content: Why content needs to be not only useful, but also authentic and unique to your brand and personality. When “good enough” is good enough – and why.

Get Noticed: Steve outlines the actions you can take to be found on various digital media platforms.

Your “Voice”: How to use the communications and actions you and your staff perform every day and make them part of your unique online signature.

Where To Get Content: Suggested sources, internal and external, are discussed with specific examples. 

This is a quick-hitting, informative video that provides a great deal of practical information in a concise manner. When it comes to today’s digital media, this video teaches valuable lessons – not only based on its content, but also the style in which it is delivered.  


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