Brandon Blaker, OD


Hill Country Vision Center

About Brandon Blaker, OD

Dr. Brandon Blaker has been leading Hill Country Vision Center for nearly 20 years. Under his guidance, the business has expanded from a single location to five, and saw tremendous growth in every area. As the first practice to be acquired by private equity in the state of Texas, Hill Country became the anchor brand for a regional consolidation which maintains a significant and growing presence in the market.
Dr. Blaker characterizes himself as a logical and innovative thinker, and his success in the field bears that out. His relentless focus on performance improvement has yielded unusually successful results, and a tremendous return on investment. He believes firmly in setting and attaining goals for achieving and maintaining forward progress.
He also continues to pursue his own personal and professional development, and is currently scheduled to complete a Masters in Business Administration, Finance, in the summer of 2021. He looks forward to sharing his expertise with other practitioners who want to bring a goal-oriented approach to their own businesses.

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