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In leading a private optometric practice for the past 26 years, Dr. Danny Clarke has developed repeatable strategies for engaging his entire team in the business success. He plays a leadership role in several optometric information sharing and study groups and has served as a speaker for various organizations. Dr. Clarke owns a high gross/high net, single location, 5-doctor group practice in Wichita Falls, Texas. He has achieved a lifestyle well balanced between family and work by building an environment where everyone in the practice thinks, acts and feels like a business owner.
Working with The Great Game of Business, Dr. Clarke has developed optometry-specific consulting and workshops to help fellow optometrists improve profitability, generate cash and build a culture of “owners”. His consultancy, MODUS Practice in Motion, which he owns with his long-time practice manager, Joely Anderson, works with optometric practices whose owners wish to make the practice less dependent on them. They work side-by-side with owners to develop/create their leadership team through the MODUS Leadership Development Program. They help focus owners on their vision while working with the team to empower and engage them to run the business. They have proven it can be done and are on a mission to help others achieve the same.
Dr. Clarke resides in Wichita Falls, Texas with his optometrist wife, Elizabeth, and their two children, Caroline and Drew. He grew up in the business with an optometrist father who recently retired from the practice. Dr. Clarke can be reached at dbc@clarkeeye.com.
Expertise: Business management, Personnel management

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