Heidi Della Pesca

Marketing Content Manager

GPN Technologies

About Heidi Della Pesca

With a degree in Technical Communications from the Oregon Institute of Technology and a love for the creative arts, Heidi Della Pesca has found a way to merge her technical and creative sides in the field of graphic design, where her award-winning designs have been used in local advertising as well as national ad campaigns.
Heidi's current graphic focus is the optical industry, where she has been busy assisting in the the transition of individuals, companies, and organizations to the world-wide-web. Nightship Networks, Heidi's graphics design house, offers both print and electronic artwork with an emphasis on a complete package for consistent appearance and name-recognition. Heidi\'s graphics, together with site design and implementation services, image consulting and public relations campaign coordination, enable the business client to achieve a cohesive and attractive presence in the marketplace.
During her tenure at GPN, Heidi has worked in every department of the company. She currently works on creating content for marketing and external communications.

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