Jay Binkowitz

Co-founder GPN, Co-Founder and EVP Professional Relations

Keplr Vision

About Jay Binkowitz

An entrepreneur almost from the word "go," Jay has been pursuing the mindset of finding opportunity since his teen years. A practice owner from Queens, NY, Jay has continually sought ways to push the boundaries of profitability within the eye care industry. Over the last 30+ years Jay has had extensive experience in retail operations, merchandising & marketing, manufacturing & distribution, technology development, national sales, and on-site interactive consulting.
When Jay and his partners co-founded GPN Technologies in 2007, they immediately began thinking about how to build tools for independent practitioners that would help them compete with larger practices and retail outlets. The EDGE - now the EDGEPro platform - was born from their efforts, and has become the premier practice analytics tool in our industry. The company's name is now synonymous with reliable, accurate data, and GPN is assisting eye care on every level.
Jay served 2 years as the benedict professor at the Houston College of Optometry and as an adjunct professor. In addition to serving on several industry boards he has published articles in eye care industry magazines and is a keynote speaker at many industry events, both domestically and internationally. In August of 2017 Jay joined with Dr. Ben Gaddie as founders of Total ECP. A new platform to protect and advocate for medical optometry that, as of a 2019 merger with Visionary Eye Partners, has now become Keplr Vision, an incredibly successful platform that has exceeded the expectations of many of the industry leaders. Jay currently serves as EVP of Professional Relations for Keplr Vision as well.

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