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Lynn E. Lawrence is currently a national lecturer and an ophthalmic technician for Mills Eye and Facial Plastic Surgery. He has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. An American Optometric Association, American Board of Opticianry, Joint Commission for Allied Healthcare Personnel in Ophthalmology, and COPE approved speaker. In 2009 he retired from the USAF after 30 years of service. During his military career he was promoted to the top 1% of the enlisted ranks to Chief Master Sergeant, and then assigned to the Army/Air Force Exchange Service Headquarters, Dallas, Texas as the Optical Program Manager. He oversaw quality control for 133 optical stores world-wide. He was also appointed by the Air Force Surgeon General as the Ophthalmic Career Field Manager where he oversaw 540 Optometry/Ophthalmology technicians at 90 locations around the world. He currently develops compliance materials and staff development materials.
Lynn was 1 of 4 nationally recognized technicians selected to attend the Industry sponsored 2020 Summit where industry and optometry came together to target the hurdles within optometry to enhance the profession. Lynn is a native of Saint Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Rite¬nour Senior High School, St. John, Missouri. He joined the Air Force's delayed entry program in January 1979. He entered Basic Military Training School at Lackland AFB, Texas in August 1979. He is currently an AOP volunteer for SECO International.
Lynn is also passionate about "giving back," and actively supports Passion to Heal, which offers Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Opticians and their associated medical professionals (ophthalmic nurses/technicians) the opportunity to travel on fully funded medical mission trips to Kenya to diagnose and treat eye conditions while training local clinicians. If you have anyone in your networks that may be interested in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Lynn would appreciate any referrals you may have. For more program information or to apply, you can direct interested individuals to
Expertise: Clinical care, Business management, Personnel management, Optical dispensary, Sales, Merchandising, Marketing, Contact Lenses

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