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Quantum Optical, Inc.

About Michael Della Pesca

As president of Quantum Optical, Michael is a pioneer in the field of e-learning and education for eye care professionals. He is the creator and chief architect of the highly acclaimed Internet platform, www.quantumoptical.com, which provides continuing education credits online to certified and licensed ophthalmic professionals worldwide.
A practicing licensed optician in New Jersey, Michael an instructor at his alma mater (Essex County College) where he taught for 12 years in the Vision Care Technology department. He has hosted and lectured at hundreds of conferences, both nationally and internationally. Thousands of individuals have enjoyed his unique and entertaining style of presenting topics such as general optics, advanced optics, eyewear fabrication, dispensing and sales techniques, lab / dispensary management, customer service and marketing strategies.
Michael provides educational services to a wide array of industry vendors and corporate clients who are Powered By Quantum™ and offers customized in-house staff training solutions to eye care practices that require a more personalized approach to staff excellence. His current initiatives include the Pinnacle Program, a hands-on two-day intensive training program for optical professionals.

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