Samantha Hornberger, OD


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About Samantha Hornberger, OD

Dr. Samantha Hornberger graduated from Indiana University School of Optometry in 2005. She was born and raised in Indiana and is a Hoosier through and through, loving Bloomington so much that she remained there to complete residency training with a focus on cornea disease and contact lenses.
Dr. Hornberger owns a practice in Dearborn County, Indiana she opened cold in fall 2013 that she recently expanded in order to serve more of her hometown community. Dr. Hornberger is the President of her local Indiana Optometry Association society and is actively working to advocate for optometry. She also enjoys speaking on practice management and teaching continuing education classes along with speaking on behalf of products and companies she strongly believes in.
Dr. Hornberger’s passion is sharing knowledge with and promoting her fellow eye care professionals in able to help them be more successful and is grateful to also be providing high-tech but approachable eye care to her hometown community.

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