Employee Benefits: How to Compete with Large Employers

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Administration, Payroll & HR

The new podcast is hosted by Dr. Steve Vargo, a practice management consultant at IDOC and an OD himself with 15 years of clinical experience. “After years of serving independent optometry practice owners and hearing their most common struggles, we are so excited to launch this podcast,” Dr. Vargo said. “Eye Own a Business is a resource that explores the question: how do you grow an eyecare business? Not just own one, buy one, or operate one, but how do you really turn it into something great?”

Eye Own a Business takes a deeper dive into the strategies and best practices of successful optometry practice owners, with experts revealing how they differentiate their practices, stand out from the crowd, and continue to thrive despite facing the same challenges that every other practice is facing. Topics of discussion will cover every angle of practice management, from avoiding financial blunders to retaining quality staff, maximizing revenue, gaining an edge on the competition, and more.

In this episode of the “Eye Own a Business” podcast, Dr. Steve Vargo explores the world of employee benefits with Cory Friedman, Senior VP of Benefits Consulting with the Alera Group.

Covered in this episode:

  • How to get started;
  • How to choose what benefits to offer;
  • How small businesses can get creative with benefits to stay competitive with larger employers;
  • And how to manage all of it without losing your mind!

In this job market, employers have to be competitive with salary and benefits to acquire and retain good talent. Cory’s background working with small businesses gives him a unique perspective and he does a great job laying out the options in this interview.


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By Steve Vargo, OD

Exploring best practices in building and sustaining practice growth.


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