Exercise Can Fuel Success

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Entrepreneurship, Ownership

As health care practitioners, we all realize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. On a daily basis, we observe the bodily effects of healthy and unhealthy habits as we examine our patients. That should make it easier for us to set regular exercise as a high priority in our lives. After all, what is more important than good health? You can’t even support and provide for your family if you’re not healthy. Don’t forget that your staff and your patients depend on you, too.  

What’s more, the benefits of regular exercise are not only physical, but also mental. Check out some of the known payoffs of regular physical activity:

  • Stress relief – Running a business while simultaneously caring for a full schedule of patients is stressful. Workouts allow you to let off some steam.
  • Clearer thinking – I’ve come up with some of my best business ideas while working out.  There’s something “Zen” about it. Do at least some of your workouts unplugged from music or other media if you’re looking for this benefit. Give it time – it will happen. 
  • Confidence – Regularly challenging yourself and meeting your fitness goal instills confidence that carries over into the rest of your life. 
  • Discipline – For most of us, our working career is a long road with some significant milestones along the way. During some of your workouts, think about that next business goal you’ve set for yourself. Finishing your workout successfully will help reinforce your drive to reach that business goal. 

Everyone has a unique vision of success and hopefully yours involves something beyond practicing optometry. You don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise – simply walking will do. If you’re not already doing so, find time to exercise each day. It will improve your physical and mental well-being and enhance your ability to thrive in your career on your way to enjoying your ultimate personal goals in good health.  

Pro tip:  Life is busy. Make it a priority to workout at the same time each day. If possible, do so first thing in the morning to avoid conflicts.

By Ron Meeker, OD

Thoughtful, intentional, methodical approach to achieving your most important goals and dreams. That's the Meeker way.


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