Fueling Your Inner David and Slaying Goliath

by | May 15, 2022 | Entrepreneurship, Ownership

David Friedfeld, President of ClearVision Optical leverages this classic underdog story to explore the current business climate for independent optometric and optical practices.

First, let’s identify who the “Goliaths” in our environment are. Which business and competitors seem to be completely undefeatable? Let’s also realize that every Goliath, every giant, ultimately has a vulnerability, and we can rise to provide a comparative advantage in our own businesses.

Individual practices and smaller businesses often have more “weapons” (advantages and resources) than they realize. Learn how to rethink what you can offer your patients that helps you create an edge and differentiate the services you provide.

David’s video course includes a round-table discussion with real-world practice managers who have helped their businesses face down competition. These managers speak to their experiences and success brought about by hard work, even in a sometimes-hostile environment.

By David Friedfeld

Optical Buddy and leading optical manufacturer. If it's new and interesting, David wants to know about it.


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