Here’s What’s Happening: Taking the Emotion Out of Managing Your Team

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Business Management, Metrics

For most practitioners, the biggest challenge in their business is managing the team. It’s a task that carries unique challenges, but one of the biggest is overcoming the emotional elements of employer-employee relationships. Good, bad, or indifferent, emotions can color our judgment and skew decisions.

Relationships are also subject to highs and lows. We can all (hopefully) remember people that we had conflicts with that we were able to successfully resolve, and move forward with. Likewise, even the most positive relationships experience periods of negativity – temporary irritations, bad days or moods, misunderstandings, etc. It happens to everybody.

Data Elevates the Conversation

Accurate, performance-based data analysis helps to lift conversations beyond the emotions of the moment. When we can have an objective conversation about facts, we can lessen the risk of miscommunication and pushback, and improve the outcome of the conversation.

By Evan Kestenbaum

Co-founder and COO of GPN Technologies, Evan spends his days finding ways to "make things better."


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