How to Facilitate a Successful Patient Buying Journey

by | Nov 14, 2022 | The Efficient Practice

Selling products in your practice successfully is the result of both a skilled salesperson and helping the patient understand the benefits of their purchases. You may think that this responsibility lies exclusively with your optician. However, while it is definitely a skillset that a good optician can leverage, successful sales begin before the patient reaches the dispensary.

Helping your patient understand the benefits of their vision technology choices will create a more successful patient buying journey, allowing your patient to appreciate the value of their purchase. We need to be selling to their emotions as well as to their logic, so they feel good about the purchases they make.

In this video, Dr. Nichols shares his insights into how the entire staff can help lay the groundwork for successful selling in your practice.

By Tim Nichols, OD

Preserving independent optometry through efficiency and excellence in practice.


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