Increase Your Capture Rate with a 100% SERVICE Rate

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Business Management, Sales

As important as Capture Rate is to your business, the term “capture” carries a connotation that sometimes is counterproductive to long-term success. It can place an undue emphasis on sales tactics that may make your team – or worse, your patients – feel uncomfortable. You still need to make your numbers work, though. So how do you counteract that money-focused feeling, but still improve your capture rate?

Instill a culture in your practice that all patients benefit from optical service.  Every patient undergoing a comprehensive exam should visit the optical after their exam, regardless of whether or not they intend to purchase anything.  When a patient is reluctant or unsure of a purchase, the emphasis should be on helping that patient in some way:

  • Inspect, clean, repair, adjust eyewear
  • Review optical benefits the patient is entitled to
  • Answer any questions related to eyewear
  • Just have a nice conversation

When patients consistently receive benefit from their time with the optician, regardless of purchase, loyalty and increased sales will follow.  Many times, even a reluctant patient will make a purchase when service is excellent.  Even if they don’t, you’ve just given them another reason to come back next year – or sooner! 

Pro Tip:  Make sure all of your appointment confirmations include a reminder that patients bring all eyewear they use to their comprehensive exam.  

By Ron Meeker, OD

Thoughtful, intentional, methodical approach to achieving your most important goals and dreams. That's the Meeker way.


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