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Sandbox Stories INTERVIEWS are podcasts that shine light on amazing people in the eye care industry, and sometimes people who can teach those in eye care a thing or two. Watch each of them for additional content including photos and other tidbits that go along with the stories they are telling, which are called The Stories within the Story.

Perspectives Playlist

Sandbox Stories PERSPECTIVES are podcasts that aim to deliver various insights and thoughts that can stimulate the mind and prepare the listener for charting a course for newfound success.

Born Out of the Ashes

In this Sandbox Story, you will get an example of how a company reversed its path to demise in the 1970’s by taking older technology to save their business – the result being an amazingly simple household instrument. And from that, you can contemplate negative situations in your practice and decide how you can make the most of them, allowing great ideas to be “born out of the ashes.”

Dr. Jennifer Stewart

Featuring the many stories of Dr. Jennifer Stewart, a driven optometrist who compels other women optometrists to seek their highest ambitions. Dr. Stewart also shares interesting stories about her life as a performance athlete, taking on eye care delivery in a specialized sports vision practice, being a believer in Disney business principles, and living a business life that is guided by a principled and data-driven approach to business leadership and management.

Adam Ramsey

Adam Ramsey is a frame designer, book author, and advocate for increased commitment to diversity and equity for Black people in Optometry. In this Sandbox Story, he shares views on parenthood, building a practice with a focus on patient education, and his Black eye care perspective.

Sandbox Story “Short” – Listener Feedback

This Sandbox Story “Short” aims to share some listener feedback – and invites expanded awareness via sharing!

Chuck Brownlow

Chuck Brownlow is the most influential optometrist on my career. This episode is filled with stories from a humble Midwestern OD who has truly inspired thousands of his colleagues, this Story includes dozens of anecdotes and key insights. A proud grandfather, accomplished pilot, and now, a book author, you will find Chuck’s stories to be fascinating and impactful.

Dr. Ali Khoshnevis

This is the inaugural Interview of Sandbox Stories. The special guest is Dr. Ali Khoshnevis, who shares his inspiring story that includes sharing Optometry with both of his siblings.

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About Sandbox Stories

Sandbox Stories are delivered to the eye care industry by Dr. Scott Jens, whose career as a Doctor of Optometry, then Software Founder/CEO, has led him to create “The Sandbox” – a playful, thoughtful executive business coaching service.

Through Sandbox Stories, Dr. Jens aims to give anyone involved in eye care a provocative, insightful review of the opportunities that might arise in the future.

About Scott Jens

Scott Jens is a serial entrepreneur whose career started as a Doctor of Optometry as a co-owner of a multi-doctor multi-location eye clinic group in Madison, WI, where he practiced eye care for twenty-five years. He served the eye care profession as a state and national volunteer leader, and also became an expert in medical records.

In 2006 he co-founded RevolutionEHR, the eye care industry’s first (and ultimately, leading) SaaS electronic health record system, and served as CEO through the company’s transition into the full-service strategy, Rev360, until retirement in 2018.

Dr. Scott Jens

Through Sandbox Stories, Dr. Jens aims to give anyone involved in eye care a provocative, insightful review of the opportunities that might arise in the future.