Should I Sell or Not Sell My Eye Care Practice? What are my options?

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Exit Strategies, Featured Series, Ownership, Planning Your Exit Strategy

There’s more than one way to leave a practice. The question is which way is best for you? The choice for how to exit practice ownership is highly personal – no single answer works for everyone. Every practitioner has unique professional and financial goals and situations, and their decision to exit needs to fit their situation.

In this video, we’ll break down the options that are available to practitioners who are thinking about selling, and we’ll also talk about what makes any one of these options a “good fit.”

Private equity firms come in a number of different flavors. They have unique operating models, priorities, and financial structures. Dr. Kling walks through how these can vary, and how that can change the outcome of the sale. He also walks us through the “major players” that are currently in the marketplace, and the different operating models they represent.

Dr. Kling gives us a great summary of the pros and cons of selling to Private Equity (PE), and what some of the options are if you choose not to sell. Finally, he answers the question “Can I ‘test the market’ and still stay independent?”

Planning Your Exit Strategy Video Series (Part 1)

By Mick Kling, OD

Mick built one of the most innovative practices in the country.


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