The Buyer’s Perspective. What investment firms consider when purchasing an eye care practice

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Exit Strategies, Featured Series, Ownership, Planning Your Exit Strategy

In this session, we’re following up on the introductory sessions with Dr. Kling with a slightly different perspective. Jay Binkowitz is speaking to the audience from the point of view of an acquisitions company. He’s sharing some of the criteria for deciding which practices are attractive targets for consolidation and why.

This revealing interview begins with Jay explaining some of the changes in the private equity field during the past 3 years. He talks about how ODs plan – or don’t plan – for transition, and why they think about selling. He also covers the concept of “Seller’s Remorse,” and how to avoid it.

Dr. Jens asks Jay about the key financial indicators for a practice’s value, and Jay shares his insights about how optometrists and practice managers can optimize their own valuation. One key suggestion he makes in this interview is that every practice should go through the process of valuation – understanding the worth of their business, and how they can improve that.

Jay also gave us great insight into how consolidation as a market trend is currently – and may be in the future – impacting the field of eye care, from industry vendors all the way down to the independent ECP. He had some really interesting things to say about which practices will remain independent, and how they can assure their viability against practices backed by investment companies.

Planning Your Exit Strategy Video Series (Part 3)

By Jay Binkowitz

"Shaking things up." Jay's never been satisfied with the status quo.


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