Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Doctor Bios

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Administration, Marketing

Pop quiz! Of all the pages on your website, besides your homepage, which is statistically the highest viewed? Would you believe it’s the Doctors Bio page? This is why it’s absolutely essential that this page is in tip-top shape!

Your Bio is More Than Your CV   

Too many doctors these days think that their Doctor Bio is just a space to list their qualifications. Far from it! Your Doctor Bio is your greatest opportunity to stick out from the crowd and bond with your patients. Grab that opportunity by creating truly engaging bios, using our Top 5 Tips for improving your bio page.

Tip 1: Doctor Photos Are Absolutely Essential     

First things first, every single doctor needs to have a picture to accompany their bio. According to research done by the medical network Doximity, doctor bios that include a photo are at least double as likely to be viewed! That means that if your bios don’t have pictures of you, you’re already losing half of all potential views!

The other thing to consider is the quality of your photo. If your photo is unprofessional or extremely pixelated, it could signal to potential patients that you’re out of touch. Use headshots with interesting backgrounds whenever possible so your patients see you for the expert you are!

Tip 2: Don’t Just Stick To Business. You’re More Than an Eye Doctor!  

For many patients looking for an eye doctor, it’s not going to be your Doctor of Optometry Degree and years of residency training that brings them into your office. It’s going to be the personal touches. Are you good with kids? Have you done any volunteer work in your community? Are you involved in your local church or other religious or community organization? Do you have a pet? All of these kinds of questions may very well be the little details that help you and your practice stick out in the minds of your patients.

Every optometrist has their Doctor of Optometry. But not every optometrist volunteers weekly to teach Sunday School, roots for the Yankees religiously, and has a cute Pomeranian named Pookie! For those patients who care about church, baseball and cute puppies in their personal lives, guess which optometrist they’ll be choosing!

Tip 3: Ask Interesting Questions, Get Interesting Answers   

Another way to get your doctor bios to stand out is to ask old questions in a new way! Don’t just answer questions like, “why did you become an eye doctor,” but instead ask something like, “tell me about the moment you decided to become an eye doctor.” Instead of asking, “what’s your favorite part about being an optometrist,”  ask, “tell me about one of the most interesting or meaningful patient stories you’ve experienced.” You get the idea!

People are storytelling creatures, and see themselves in others’ experiences well told. You’ll stick out in more peoples’ minds by telling your practice’s personal stories instead of sticking to the traditional, dry questions and answers that everyone else is doing!

Tip 4: Include Reviews and Patient Ratings

Potential patients can look all day at what doctors say about themselves, but it’s what other patients like them say that really helps people get a genuine feel for who you are.

Including patient feedback and reviews is a great way to show visitors to your bio page that you’re not just full of hot air. Be sure to include the text of the testimonial (in full, if it’s not too long), any star or other rating system that comes with it, and the name of the person giving the testimonial. Just be careful you aren’t violating HIPAA or PHIPA.

The rating system gives a fast, easily digestible visual of exactly how great your practice is, while the written testimonial gives the more curious among prospective patients a bit more detail to help your practice stick out.

Tip 5: Invest the Time to Create Well Made Bio Videos

If a picture says 1,000 words, then a video says even more! Over the course of 2020 a whopping 96% of consumers significantly increased their viewing of video content. Last year, your average patient spent up to 100 minutes per day watching online videos, and a full third of ALL their online activity engaging with video content! That’s great news for you. If you or someone you know has the skills to put together an engaging, professional looking video for your doctor bio page, you’ll be able to capture potential patients in a way that has their eyes firmly focused on you.

In Closing…

Having an impressive resume isn’t enough to bring more patients through the door anymore. The internet has given patients more options than ever when choosing where to go for their eye care needs. Having an outstanding doctor bio is a great way to ensure you aren’t just seen as another face in the crowd.          

By Jeremy Unger

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