Tracking the COVID Effect During Re-Opening

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Data Insights and Industry Trends

GPN Technologies wanted to create a tool to help the eye care industry understand COVID-19, and its impact on our business. We wanted it to be insightful, but mostly we wanted it to be actually useful. Join Evan Kestenbaum as he hosts a tour of our Industry Insights Dashboard, which helps you see what’s happening nationwide, and closer to home, in terms of 3 key measurements of practice productivity.

You can explore the full dashboard and get the latest updates any time by visiting the Industry Insights page right here in the eyeTHRIVE Platform. Results are updated at the beginning of each business week. Want to get the re-opening overview metrics in your email box? Just subscribe to eyeTHRIVE and we’ll make sure you get the notifications when the updates are released.

By Evan Kestenbaum

Co-founder and COO of GPN Technologies, Evan spends his days finding ways to "make things better."


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