What You Need to Know Before You Go Frame Shopping at Vision Expo

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Business Management, Merchandising

If you’re headed for Vision Expo, you need a plan! I’ll help you figure out which frame vendors you need to see, and how many frames you need to buy. We’ll be using my favorite analytics tool, one that I used every single day when I was managing an optical in a busy practice. It will be incredibly helpful for you when you’re getting ready for the show.

Having even a few vital pieces of information ready before you hit the show floor can help you be efficient and have more productive conversations with your frame reps. Here are a few must-know items:

  • Which frame brands are working best for me?
  • How many frames do I need to replace?
  • Which frames do I need to trade out or merchandise differently?

The tradeshow floor can be super busy – even chaotic. You’ve got a lot to do, and a lot of people you need to see. You’ll need to stay on track in order to get it all in (and still make your CE classes). Let’s put together a plan that will help you have a smoother show experience.

By Katie Lauver

Optician Magician on a mission.


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