Your Technicians Can Help Improve Collections Per Hour

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Engagement, Team Building

Last week, we started a conversation about Collections Per Hour, often broken down into Collections Per OD Hour and Collections per Staff Hour, which is among my top KPIs.  It measures both the efficiency and effectiveness of everyone in your organization, and it’s easy for each person in your office to understand how they contribute to this KPI. In part 2 of this series, we’ll look at how your techs can improve collections per hour.  

As the initial clinical contact with the patient, your techs set the stage for the care the patient receives that day. Their job is to gather information in a friendly, efficient manner, paying careful attention to detail. They are both an advocate for the patient and an assistant to the ECP.  Review the importance of these tasks with your techs and share these – and other – ways they can impact collections per hour:

  • Clear Documentation:
    Techs positively impact collections per hour by clearly documenting the reason for the patient visit and any items that need to be addressed.  When this task is performed correctly, the doctor spends less time with each patient without sacrificing quality of care.  
  • Accurate Recording:
    Accuracy in recording pre-test results is critical.  Something as simple as mistakes in measuring and/or entering the glasses prescription that the patient is currently using can lead to difficulty adapting to a new prescription, resulting in extra time spent and additional cost of goods, both of which reduce collections per hour.  
  • Patient Compliance:
    Techs should review the patient record, making sure that the recommended treatment plan is being followed.  For example, address any testing or procedures that have previously been recommended, but not yet performed.  Increasing patient compliance improves clinical outcomes in addition to improving collections.  
  • Flag Special Questions:
    Techs should flag any interests expressed by the patient, giving the doctor and/or optician an introduction to discuss solutions that may increase collections per hour.

Pro Tip:  When contemplating the purchase of new equipment, consider the positive effect it could have on collections per hour. A prime example is an automated lensometer that downloads the current glasses prescription directly into your EHR, saving time and decreasing errors. New equipment almost always boosts staff morale and impresses patients. It also may be quite affordable once you examine its total impact on your practice.  

By Ron Meeker, OD

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